That’s the word for the day.  Beneficence.  “The fact or quality of being kind or doing good.  Charity.”  Also, “A charitable act or generous gift.”  So says Webster’s New World Dictionary.

Don’t you feel better, just intoning the word and taking in its meaning and the ramifications thereof?  I do.  Just let it wash over you and infuse your soul, perhaps even the meaning of the rest of your life.

There is a quality—it’s there in the background, but remains nonetheless real—to unrequired beneficence that radiates, inwardly and outwardly.  When you give something of yourself—be it personal or a possession or simply a monetary gift—you take on and wear a feeling of wellness and wholeness that is ineffable.  Transcendent.

I don’t know how else to say it.  So just say it, out loud or just to yourself.  “Beneficence.”  Good word.  Better feeling.

You’re welcome.

©2017 Richard Paul Hinkle


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